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light image Cristalli - piano solo (17')

Commissioned by environmental artist/photographer Alice F. Weston for her multimedia project, "Crystal Clues to the Sublime" which premiered at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center on October 12, 2012.

Ms. Weston's collection of microscopic photographs of crystals were animated by a team of visual artists from Lightborne, led by Chris Gliebe

The pianist for the premiere was Phillip Bush

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from the score

The natural aspects of crystals offer many areas of musical inspiration. If grown in an "undisturbed" pristine environment, a crystal's structure is one of perfect symmetry. However, typically a crystal's growth is affected by temperature, pressure, chemical conditions, and/or the amount of space it occupies. Musical structures and techniques of symmetry (and it's impediments) are incorporated throughout Cristalli. Musical parallels exploring qualities of light and color are also integral to the piece. Supplementing the piano are a few percussion instruments (played by the pianist). These will serve as transitional sonorities between the sections. For a concert presentation of the work, the percussion is optional.

Cristalli is in 4 movements:

I. Water and Light (formations)

II. Core (rocks which form the Earth, Moon, and meteorites are made up of crystals in minerals - crystals are also in bones, microscopic algae, mountains, sand...)

III. Magic (crystals are used in all cultures - ancient and modern - as a source of magic and myth. Also a key component in modern technology)

IV. Sublime ("I believe the natural world, of which these crystals are a tiny, yet infinitely varied, beautiful, and heretofore unseen manifestation, is all there is. But this 'all' is sublime" - A. Weston)

Videos for Crystal Clues to the Sublime:

I. Water & Light

II. Core

III. Magic

IV. Sublime

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